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'Silly' Safety Campaigns Mean Serious Business

I was a young kid when I first encountered a formal safety program.

It was the late 70's and early 80's. Growing up in a family of 13 children (8 girls, 5 boys), it was pretty much mandatory that we all had full time jobs in the summer and part time jobs in the winter. One of my father's best friends was Joseph Chairge. Joe was a compassionate, hard charging individual who had started his own construction company and had managed to take down the maintenance contract for an enormous Proctor & Gamble facility located in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. Joe would always find room for my brothers and I on his construction crews. The work was tough but it paid
top dollar and we were very fortunate to have Joe looking out for us.

If Proctor & Gamble executives understood anything, they understood safety. Since the mile-long factory was a paper mill, there were plenty of potentially dangerous work situations. From hard chemicals used to pulp the timber to miles of piping and machinery, if you weren't careful, you could

But P&G made sure that safety was drilled into everyone's heads.

At first, my brothers and I thought it was funny. One of the leading characters in their safety program was "Safety Sadie."